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I can happily say I have completed the Online course for The Charlie Tote (x 2), The Arthur Clutch and the Phone Bag, these courses are precise, easy to follow and very clear to understand. Rebecca goes through each step slowly and concisely. Each step is clearly labelled so you know which part you are working on. The materials are very well packaged and of a high quality. You can really see Rebecca has taken a lot of time and effort to really get this right. I can highly recommend these courses, they are suitable for all levels and the bags can easily be made on domestic sewing machines.

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I don't know about you - but I have always adored bags, especially designer bags! I used to look at them in shop windows and think they looked like sculptures. I'd always appreciate the skill and craftsmanship that goes into each piece, from the leather to the perfection of every stitch.

Have you often thought the same but imagined that bag making would require specialist equipment and industrial sewing machines? Well I'm going to stop you there - you can make high end handbags on your home domestic sewing machine and we are going to show you how!

  • Always dreamed of making your own bags

  • Appreciated the craftsmanship of leather bags

  • Adore designer bags, but the price points always seem out of reach

  • Love sewing but have always been intimidated by working with leather

  • Always thought that leather needed to be sewn with specialist equipment

  • Love watching YouTube videos on leather bag making but they aren't thorough enough to understand where to start

  • Looking for a new hobby where you can use your hands away from screens

  • Do you want your new hobby to be creating something purposeful and could be great for gifts?

  • Eager to start a new adventure and want to have the journey!

What is Included:

This online course is jam-packed with loads of road trip goodies!

  • 7 Comprehensive modules

  • 3 x leather bag making courses (£114.97 if bought separately)

  • 3 x pre-cut leather bag kits (£200 if bought separately)

  • FREE Upcycled tote bag course

  • Learn ways to customise your designs with FREE appliqué course (£10 if bought separately)

  • 12 months access to our VIP group (£199 if bought separately)

  • FREE tools kit (Worth £150)

  • All bag making patterns are downloadable so you can make your bags over and over again

  • FREE DELIVERY to anywhere in the world

  • BUNDLE PRICE = £498 - A SAVING OF OVER £175!

Module 1 - Learn what is included in your kit

Watch this video to find out more

Module 1

Introduction to RJ Leather Studio, our company story.

Now its time to start your journey:

  • Choose your kit colour - we have 8 different colours of leathers to choose from 
  • Choose your appliqué leather colour choice 
  • Choose your kit hardware colour - we have 3 colours - silver, gold or antique brass
  • How to set up your domestic machine ready for sewing leather
  • Watch our intro to leather, learn about different types of leather & their variations
  • Learn about the tools that are included in your full maker kits & how to use them
  • Watch our how to videos to help you with leather sewing tips and tricks
  • Build your confidence and have a practise on scrap leather provided

Module 2

The Upcycled Leather Tote Bag Course

This is a great introduction to working with leather. We walk you through different ways of sourcing leather such as charity shops and using second hand leather jackets. We want to inspire you to consider using materials, leather and tools that you might already have in your house. There is so much that you can use to make bags from!

Learning Outcomes:

  • Teach you what to look out for when sourcing leather jackets
  • The best method to deconstruct garments
  • How to place and cut your panels from up-cycled materials
  • Professional leather construction techniques
  • Step by step video tutorials on how to assemble the bag
  • How to sew a patch pocket
  • How to attach a drawstring closure

Module 3 - Bonus course

Applique Course

  • Learn about ways that you can customise your bag to make them unique for your brand or personal style
  • Appliqué is a fantastic way of decorating your leather and is a very satisfying technique to learn
  • It's best to watch this module first so you can decide if you’d like to customise your leather panels before starting construction of your bags

Module 4

The Phone Case Course

In this module you will learn how to make your own beautiful mobile phone case with a card holder on the back. The dimensions of the case are Length 11cm x Height 20cm x Width 1cm

Learning outcomes:

  • Learn how to use our RJ Leather Studio handbag templates
  • Learn about different stabilisers
  • How to prepare the panels for sewing
  • How to fully line a phone case
  • How to attach magnetic or sam brown closure
  • How to cut and sew a flap
  • How to finish the raw edge of leather
  • How to attach rivets

Module 5

The Arthur Clutch Bag Course

This is the bag that started it all! Hundreds upon hundreds of these little beauties have been sold worldwide and you can now make one in the comfort of your own home! It was also the first short and pre-cut leather course we taught in person and is still super popular to this day.

Learning outcomes:

  • Learn how to use our RJ Leather Studio handbag templates
  • Learn about different stabilisers
  • Prepare the leather for sewing
  • How to finish the raw edge of leather
  • How to fully line a clutch bag
  • How to sew a zip into leather
  • How to make a leather tassel
  • How to sew and attach a wristlet handle

Module 6

The Charlie Tote Bag Course

The tote is a real head turner and is probably the bag we use the most here at RJ HQ. The tote was our first ever full one day course and has been taught more times than any other. 

Learning outcomes:

  • Learn how to use our RJ Leather Studio handbag templates
  • Learn about different stabilisers
  • How to prepare the leather for sewing
  • How to sew an internal leather zip frame pocket
  • How to sew a main zip closure
  • How to finish the raw edge of leather
  • How to add an internal key strap with clip
  • How to fully line a tote bag
  • How to attach a Leatherboard base to the bag
  • How to make leather straps and attach with rivets

Module 7

12 months access to VIP group 'The Soul Stitchers'

The Soul Stitchers is a great way to connect with other fellow bag makers.  

There are regular Q+A's, live lessons, sew alongs, guest teachers, and more! All of these will be recorded and posted in the group so you can peruse at your leisure if you can't make them live!

It's community led so full of what you want and you're able to create discussion topics and show your creations here. 

12 months access is included in your road trip bundle.

Plus a FREE starter leather bag making tool kit

We have it all covered, all your essential tools to get going

  • An A3 self healing cutting matt

  • 45mm OFLA rotary cutter

  • Copydex glue & double sided tape

  • Awl & gel for scoring/marking leather

  • Rotating hole punch

  • Rivet Setting tool & rubber mallet

  • Gum tragacanth & edge slicker for polishing leather

  • Plastic pattern master ruler & metal ruler

  • Quilting clips & magnetic seam adjuster

  • Universal Teflon foot & leather point needles

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Everything that you will need to start your bag making journey

Meet your leathercraft tutor

Owner Rebecca Eaton

Rebecca has worked for Givenchy, Stuart Vevers, Luella, Robert Cary Williams and Paul Seville. Her experience of working in these different design houses gave her an invaluable insight into how to run a fashion label. In 2008 the Rebecca-Jane handbag range was born. The label sold over 5000 bags in boutiques and department stores worldwide, every bag made in-house at RJ headquarters. In 2012 Rebecca set up RJ Leather Studio sewing school, Rebecca has taught 1000's of students the skills and craftsmanship of leather handbag making. Students have travelled from all over the world to be taught by her and now our online courses enable us to come to you!


  • How quickly and how do I access the online course?

    You will have access to the course straight away after signing up. You will be sent an email with a link to sign up for your account. Once you have created a username and password you will be able to access all the learning content straight away and it will be there for life!

  • When do I select which colour leather I would like for my kit?

    The very first welcome module in the Road Trip bundle has a questionnaire that you need to fill in. Here it will allow you to choose the different leather choices for your bag making kits. You will also be able to confirm your postal address and any additional info we might need for sending the kits and tools to you. We estimate that tools and kits will be dispatched 1 week after the kit order is confirmed.

  • Is this course suitable for beginners?

    Absolutely, this is a fantastic course for anyone new to leather work and bag making, we introduce you to all the basic techniques for starting your bag making journey. It would also suit intermediate bag making students.

  • I have never sewn leather before on my domestic machine. Do you think it will work?

    We have found a huge variety of domestic sewing machines will work leather as long as you have the correct foot and needle. We recommend testing your machine on a scrap of leather prior to committing to signing up for the course. Please get in touch if you need any scraps of leather sent to you for testing out your machine. Postal costs will be applicable.

  • What do I need to get started with this course?

    You will need a domestic sewing machine, a pair of scissors and we pretty much cover the rest.

  • How long does each bag take to make?

    This can hugely vary from student to student. We have split the learning content up into bite size pieces so you do not necessarily need to make the bag in one sitting. However we would estimate that the large tote would take 10 hours, the upcycled tote 7 hours, the clutch bag 5 hours and the phone case 2 hours.

  • What size are the bags?

    The Upcycled tote - Length 52/36cm base x Height 38cm x Width 19 cm - The Charlie leather tote - Length 34cm x Height 38cm x Width 7cm Handle drop 20cm - The Arthur Clutch - Length 30cm x Height 20cm x Width 1cm - The Phone case - L 11cm x Height 20cm x Width 1cm

  • What key learning outcomes would I gain from completing this course?

    You will learn about: different types of leather, the best materials and stabilizers for creating high end handbags, professional techniques for scoring and cutting leather, professional bag making tips and tricks for sewing leather, how to create zip and patch pockets, understanding different edge polishing techniques, how to fully line a bag, understanding the process of how a professional bag is constructed, learning ways to customise your bag and much much more………