Program Outline

12 week program

Chapter 1.  (week 1 - Theory)

Duration over 1 week: Introduction to running a fashion brand business, start up costs, accounting, in house production v's manufacturing. 

Taught Duration: Live 2 hour zoom lesson & 30 min Q&A 

What we will cover: How to set up your business, accounts, bookkeeping, equipment, space, business running costs.

Chapter 2.  ( week 2 - Theory )

Duration over 1 week: Knowing Your Target Market, Branding, Pricing your product. 

Taught Duration:  Live 2 hour zoom lesson & 30 min Q&A

What we will cover:Understanding your target market? Who is your ideal customer? What is your U.S.P? Who are your main competitors? What is your brand ethos? What is your company name going to be? What does your logo look like? Understanding the customer experience. Branding options for your company and products. What does your packaging look like? How to price your product?

Homework: Task set at end of week 2.

Chapter 3. ( week 3 - Theory Pre-recorded )

Duration over 1 week: Guest speakers

Taught Duration:  Pre-recorded

What we will cover: Interviews with other designers to tell you about their brand launch stories and to give you their top tips for running a fashion brand. 

Chapter 4. ( week 4-5 Practical )

Duration over 2 week : Introduction to handbag shapes, Construction & Pattern Cutting 

Taught Duration: Pre-recorded 2 hour lesson & Live 30 min Q&A 

What we will cover: Introducing you to different bag shapes, seams and ways of working with leather. Different types of leather. Introduction to pattern drafting.

Homework: Set at the end of lesson.

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Chapter 5.  (week 6 -  Practical )

Duration over 1 week: The creative process - Introduction to conceptual thinking and designing a product.

Taught Duration: Live 2 hour zoom lesson & 30 min Q&A 

What we will cover: What makes a designer? What approach can you take to creating a collection? What can inspire you? What is being asked of you, how will you do it, why, who are you selling to?

HomeworkMini project to start designing a product - Set at end of lesson week 6.

Chapter 6. ( week 7-9 -  Practical )

Duration over 3 weeks:  The Collection - Design your first capsule collection 

Taught Duration: Live 2 hour zoom lesson & 30 min Q&A 

What we will cover: Setting your project brief? What is your collection concept? Who is your target market? What gap might you be filling in the market? Understanding how to use a sketchbook to develop your ideas? Learning how to draw your designs? What are working drawings? Learn what materials/leathers/hardware to select for your project. Create a mood board for your collection. 

Homework 1: Set end of lesson week 7

Chapter 6 Continued. ( week 9 - Theory )

Taught Duration: Live 1 hour zoom lesson - Check in to see how your designs are developing. Feedback given. 

Chapter 7. (week 10 - Theory )

Duration over 1 week: Pricing Your Product, Understanding Manufacturing v’s in house, Wholesale v’s retail. 

Taught Duration: Live 2 hour zoom lesson & 30 min Q&A 

What we will cover: How to price your product and work out profit margins? Do you want to sell via shops? Will you manufacture yourself? Where can you find manufacturers? What do they require? 

Homework: Task set at end of week 11.

Chapter 8. (week 11 - Pre-recorded )

Duration over 1 week: Styling & photography for products and in person. 

Taught Duration: Pre-recorded

What we will cover: How to take product photography? What camera will you need? How to create a lookbook and line sheets. 

Homework: Task set at end of week 11.

Chapter 9 ( week 12 - Theory )

Duration over 2 weeks: Selling & Marketing

Taught Duration: 2 hour zoom lesson & 30 min Q&A Theory

What we will cover: Where should you sell your products? Do you want to approach a trade show? How to set up a website? How to buy a domain name? How to set up your social media accounts? Should you put money into marketing? How to get free marketing? Are competitions good? Gather testimonials. Build a mailing list. 

Homework: Task set at end of week 12.

Chapter 10 -  Final round up call 

Taught Duration: 1 Hour zoom lesson. 

What we will cover : Set 5 goals to achieve in the next 2 months. 

Also book a 30 min 1-2-1 consultancy zoom call with Rebecca. You can book additional coaching calls if required, they can be booked via our website. 

Students will receive Certificate of completion of “Brand Launch Academy” with RJ Leather Studio.

Launch date 15/01/24

Only 10 spaces - 8 remaining

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Program Highlights

Our new Business Programme, designed to guide you through the process of developing your brand and successfully launching your first capsule collection.

  • 3-month duration Jan-Mar 24

  • Weekly online lessons - recorded with playback options

  • Live and pre-recorded sessions

  • Engaging theory and practical group calls

  • Personalised 1-2-1 mentoring and feedback

  • Limited to a small group of 10 participants

  • Launching Mid Jan 2024 - 10 places, 8 left

Pricing options

To purchase our, "Brand Launch Academy" online program you can pay a one off payment or choose from our 3 or 6 month installment plan. For those who want to take it one step further you can join our "VIP" - B.L.A online program + 10 days private tuition with Rebecca to create your full first capsule collection samples so you are ready to launch!!!

"VIP" B.L.A Online + 10 days Private Tuition = £2999

Attend 10 days private tuition with Rebecca to collaborate and produce your first capsule collection from pattern cutting to the final samples. "B.L.A" Online Program £999 + 10 days 1-2-1 with Rebecca £1999 = £2998 ** please note materials/leather will need to be sourced prior to attending the private tuition.

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