Course Curriculum

    1. Welcome to our upcycled leather tote bag course!!!

    2. What You Need - Materials & Tools and showing deconstruction techniques for leather garments

    3. Start Your Journey Here!

    1. Learning how to draft a pattern for your bag & cut the materials

    2. How to cut your lining and iron on stabilisers

    3. Learning how to prep the handles.

    4. Final Prep - clipping together the panels ready for sewing

    1. Setting up Your Sewing Machine ready for sewing leather.

    2. Let's get Sewing!

    3. Learning how to glue the seams flat

    4. Sewing the Main Body

    1. Pocket construction, side seam and top stitching facing

    2. Box of the corners of the bag

    3. Final Sewing - Bringing the Bag Together

    4. Handle Construction & Finishing Touches

About this course

  • 15 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content
  • Free for RJ Gold Members