Course Curriculum

    1. Welcome! - Course Overview

    1. The Arthur Clutch Template & Kit Options

    2. This is a video showing our Leather Colour Choices for your Bag Making Kit.

    3. Tools - (Shopping List Below)

    4. What Hardware You will Need

    5. What Leather, Lining & Stabilisers You Will Need

    6. Set Up Your Machine Ready for Sewing Leather

    1. Marking the Handbag Template on to Your Leather

    2. Checking the Score Line

    3. Cutting the Leather

    4. Cutting the Notches

    5. Cutting out the Zip Window

    6. Marking and Cutting the Fusing

    7. Cutting out the Lining

    8. Cutting out the Lightweight Fusing

    9. Prepping the Tassle

    1. Bonding the Fusing on to Your Leather

    2. Bonding the Lightweight Fusing on to Your Lining

    1. Marking the Zip Position on to the Lining

    2. Prepping the Lining Hole

    3. Prepping the Lining on to The Zip

    4. Polishing the Raw Edge of Your Leather

    5. Sewing the Lining on to the Zip

    6. Prep the Leather on to the Lining

    7. Sewing on the Zip Window

    1. Prepping your Main Body (Leather) for Final Construction

    2. Sewing the Leather

    3. Prepping & Sewing the Lining

    4. Trimming Away Excess From the Corners

    5. Turning the Bag!

    6. Hammering the Seams Flat

    7. Prepping the Gap in the Lining for Sewing Closed

    8. Sewing the Lining Gap Closed

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