Course Curriculum

    1. Welcome! - Course Overview

    1. The Charlie Tote Template & Kit Options

    2. This is a video showing our Leather Colour Choices for your Bag Making Kit.

    3. Tools (Shopping List Included)

    4. What Hardware You will Need

    5. What Leather, Lining & Stabilisers You Will Need

    6. Set Up Your Machine Ready for Sewing Leather

    1. Chapter Overview

    2. Marking Your Handbag Template on to the Leather

    3. Checking Your Score Line

    4. Cutting out the Main Body, Pockets, Notches & Handles

    5. Cutting out the Fusing & Lining

    1. Chapter Overview

    2. Marking Fusing Positions on Your Leather & ironing

    3. Gluing on the Pocket

    4. Scoring the Final Template onto Your Pocket & Cutting

    5. Gluing the Handle & trigger Hook Strap

    6. Scoring & Cutting the Final Handles

    7. Cutting and Prepping the Zip Frame & Fusing

    1. Chapter Overview

    2. Polishing the Raw Edge of the Leather

    3. Painting the Edge of the Leather

    1. Chapter Overview

    2. Sticking the Zip to the Leather

    3. Prepping the Inside Zip Pocket & Marking Patterns on the Lining

    4. Sewing the Main Entrance Leather Zip Gusset

    5. Sewing the Leather Zip Frame Pocket

    6. Pulling the Threads to the back and Hand Knotting them.

    7. Cutting the Underneath of the Lining

    8. Sewing the Lower Zip Frame Edge

    9. Pull Thread to the Back and Prep the Pocket lining.

    10. Sewing the 3 Final Edges of the Upper Zip Frame

    11. Prepping the Leather Pocket for Sewing & Marking the Rivet Pattern

    12. Sewing on the Pocket

    13. Closing off the Rivets

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